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Organize Trips, Share Yours

Otsy is a centralized hub of all things travel related in your life. Build credibility and go on verified trips through the app, then share your experiences and allow your followers to book those same experiences.





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Company Values


People share travel experiences, that can be one-click booked.


Book experiences and know-hows from people you follow.


See live rates on every post shared post, to spontaneously book.

What’s next?

What's your next trip you'll book, the next post you'll share, or badge you'll earn? You decide!

Your turn to make a move

Now available in the app store for private access.

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The New Way to Book

Scroll through bookable travel experiences generated by users, and curated for you!

Get Your Badge On

Earn credibility, receive badges for your travels.

Up to 50% of booking commissions

Show off trips you have previously been on, or build dream trips you want others to experience. Partner up with Otsy and earn a commission every time someone books your trip!